Project overview

Project overview mockups

The product

Cuban.Engineer is a platform dedicated to talented engineers recruitment. To do so, it gathers info from sources as Stack Overflow, GitHub, and LinkedIn to build a profile for each user registered. The goal is having a strong talent pool to easily match great people with great projects.


Build from scratch a Design System and maintain it. Create vector illustrations and optimize them for use on the web. Work in a development team of five Software Engineers and serve as link between them and the new design.

The problem

The app started as an internal project in Cuban.Engineer software house and during the early stages there were no use of good design practices.

The goal

Make a full review of the user interfaces and build a Design System to support the development of new features.

My role

UX and UI Designer, Illustrator and UX Writer.

Project duration

I was working on this project from September 2018 to December 2019.

Refining the design

App before redesign

App after redesign

Info pages

Merge accounts

Shown when users login using different methods and want to join two accounts in one.

New user

New users need to be checked before becoming part of the platform, this is shown in such case.

New email added to profile

This is shown when users add new emails while they be verified.

Login with no email

Shown if the user logins using a social network without email associated.

Login without invitation

The platform works by referrals, but new users can ask to be included.

Illustrated icons

Icons for illustrating services

Badges for illustrating soft skills




We were able to complete a professional web app and contributed to rise active users (engineers) up to 1178 users and growing that number at 2 new users registered per week.

What I learned

Thanks to this project, I practiced my knowledge about Design Systems and could use it in a real environment. Furthermore, I introduced the use of Figma in my company for other projects, taking as argument this project outcome and the strong collaboration the team reached.

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