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About me


I'm Yuriaski Leyva, an engineer turned a designer

How the story begun

I studied at Computer Sciences University in Cuba ( during five years; there I got my diploma as Computer Engineer. My career dictated that I had to be a software developer, I even started my work life as one, but I was always in love with design even when I was student, so I spent my free time on it learning self-taught. Now I am a designer with background as software developer, something very valuable to understand a development team.

My development

Fortunately, I have been able to work in really cool projects, counting 8 years of experience till now. My colleagues often tell me that my strongest point is my understanding of programming and software development issues, which makes my time more productive and makes it easier to work in tandem with other engineers.

Things that move me

I am a great lover of outdoor sports, running marathons and practicing yoga with my wife, there is nothing in the world that gives me more peace and relaxation than lying on my back next to her after a yoga session and contemplating the blue sky. I believe that sports have taught me discipline and pragmatism when it comes to working hard to achieve goals.


Carlos Manuel Ferrás

Software Engineer at Canva

I know Yuriaski for over 15 years and I keep great memories of us. We were colleagues after uni, and I cannot only say he is a great person but also an excellent professional, talented, creative, proactive, and team player, the best designer I've worked with by far.

Karsten Wysk

CEO at Alldone GmbH

Yugui's work is excellent. The time we worked together we achieved a good communication, something vital for the implementation of new features. As a client I can say that I feel fortunate to have shared a team with him during the development of

Eddy del Valle

CTO at Kaiko Systems GmbH

Yugui is able not just to design nice-looking interfaces, but also break down the needs of the user and design a workflow that fulfil those needs taking into account edge cases without being naive.

Fabian Fussek

CEO at Kaiko Systems GmbH

Bringing Yuriaski to our team was crucial to identify and solve issues from a user experience design point of view. This increased adoption of Kaiko’s product tremendously as an outcome. He was key to improve our critical user flows.

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